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Specialization to Make the City Richer in Value

Specialization to Make the City Richer in Value


The SimCity BuildIt is a mobile game that is played by all age groups. There are people who are playing the game right from when it was introduced as SimCity in the 90’s. The mayor perfects the city that he builds and keeps adding new things to his city to make the city look better and his citizens content. He first starts with the development zones such as residential zones, industrial zones and commercial zones. Simultaneously he also provides various services to his citizens which are water facilities, sewage facilities, hospitals, police station, fire station and waste management.

To make the city even better he starts to provide specializations in the city in one or more areas. The basic specializations that are required are education, transport, parks and entertainment. When such specializations are provided, the Sims can make use of them. Cities require education facilities such as school and universities. Transport facilities help to transport vehicles and people from one place to another. Parks help to provide relaxation and fresh air to people when they take their leisurely walk. Entertainment helps the Sims citizens to spend spare time on hotels, performance avenues and stadiums. There are other services such as mountains that help the Sims to go trekking and enjoy the fresh air and the fantastic mountain views; landmarks that make the city beautiful and note-worthy; worship places for people to gather and worship and gambling casinos that are available to the Sims citizens. These specializations are marked by the various icons that signify their meaning to the player.


These specializations will cover a particular area in the city. The bigger the area covered, the specialization can be used by more number of people in the city. The areas surrounding these specializations will rise in value as citizens try to relocate to such areas to enjoy these specializations. Those with children flock to areas near educational institutions while the elderly flock towards parks to have their daily walk and enjoy their leisure. The sick people prefer areas where hospital facilities are available. These specializations require more currencies as they are costly projects. They can also be purchased using Golden Keys. Golden keys can be collected by making proper cargo shipments and when the city gets back to normal life after natural disasters creates havoc in the city. The Golden Keys can also be got through game tricks which provides simcity buildit free simcash that help to play faster, helps in manufacturing products faster and getting the products ready easily. Specialization buildings can also be destroyed if the player does not like its location. In such cases, the player can bulldoze it. The Sims citizens do not like it, if specializations are removed from particular localities. When specialization buildings are bulldozed, the player gets a refund on the amount spent. But if he has used the Golden Key to build these specialization buildings, he will not get a refund. These specialization buildings are not required to sustain the existing population. However they are used to increase the population in these areas.…

All The Appealing Features Of Win Madden Mobile Game

All The Appealing Features Of Win Madden Mobile Game

Winning Madden Mobile game is easy and can be done with the help of the innovative, helpful and unique features that the game comes to you. It is true that the game comes with quite a number of features and easy game controls for any beginner or a rookie to win any competition.  But keeping up with the repertoire of the developer of the game EA Sports, who are never complacent or satisfied with the features provided, come up with better and newer upgrades in the game. It is essential for you to know about it all and use it according to the requirement.

The Appealing Features

Madden Mobile game has all the features which are appealing not only to the mind but to the mind as well which would also help you to tackle the battles.

  • The visuals are crisp having smooth graphics along with evocative sound effect to make it a real life experience.
  • The artificial intelligence of the game is also developed and you can also use the social media and the messaging system to proceed further with the game.
  • There are a lot of options to gain the required currency and cash with which you can build a god and strong team to play and win any competition.

Management Of Cash Inventory

If you are a beginner you may not know the importance of managing your resources and may spend it unwisely on unnecessary items. But you must know that maintaining a considerable cash inflow is extremely necessary for this game. Play all the games and mini games, complete all the tasks and challenges, collect all the collectibles to get enough resources though you can use madden mobile hack for the same purpose as well to get unlimited cash and resources. Once you have it, follow the tips so that you spend it wisely on players you need.

madden 17

Preparation For The Game

There is not much of a preparation required for playing Madden Mobile game as the whole procedure is very simple and easy for even a beginner.

  • It is free to download and can be played across any Android phone and iOS device and can be played anywhere and anytime.
  • You can arrange and alter the schedule of the game according to your desire and convenience and even use the real life calendar for the purpose.
  • You can easily regenerate your stamina, change the number of playing modes, and also participate in several live events.

Tackle The Battles 

There are some ideal ways to tackle the various battles and challenges that come up on a regular basis while you play Madden Mobile game.

  • The tackle battle helps you to improve your defensive as well as offensive strategies along with the improvement of your score.
  • When you break offensively it gives you more yards and ability to score more and the defensive mode signifies that you have been able to stop the opponent from breaking.
  • To get the maximum out of this tackle battle feature you must keep a watchful eye on your screen and tap the button quickly as soon as it appears.